Go Lotus 3rd birthday

Kelly Whitney - February 3rd 2020, 5:31 PM
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The mission of Go Lotus has always been clear, create a company that will change the way special needs kids are given therapy. With that goal in mind, three years ago, in frustration of how little was on the market that was truly being innovative in the field of treating therapeutic needs we started Go Lotus.

Our first phase has always been to help the therapists and the clinics. Initially we launched intuitive, scalable, customizable data trackers. These were accompanied by ability for the software to generate graphs, collaborate on goals and export all this information to help expedite report writing. We then launched a clinic management tool that allowed for employee and client information tracking as well as scheduling with some really great bells and whistles that allows clinics to better keep track of all the business data. And then recently we launched our billing platform, which integrates the four pieces (data collection, records, scheduling and billing) all into one easy to use, elegant platform.

Our growth and feedback from our clients has been incredible and we are so lucky for the wonderful therapists and business leaders that are partnering with us to work together for better change. With increased need from our customers we are responding to their requests. We are planning on expanding our core four features with wonderful additions as they are ready to be released; requests like a library for goals, reporting tools, messaging, alerts, a parent portal, business analytics and so much more. Expansion will not happen fast, that is not the way that we can put out the very best, easiest to use product. We will grow slow and steady along with the wonderful clinics who have called our platform home. Rome after all wasn’t built in a day.

Looking forward into the future is what has me TRULY excited. We are partnering with several large scale universities on analyzing de-identified data across ABA, SLP, OT, PT, and other amazing therapies. Partnering with genetics will allow other avenues of matching behavioral data and gene manipulation on a much larger scale that has been currently available to researchers. We also are striving to give researchers a glimpse into the parent tools we plan on building. A first of its kind interactive parent portal, allowing the parents the ability to track data on diet, sleep, behaviors, toileting, CBD oil, the possibilities are endless.

I cannot believe we launched Go Lotus only 3 years ago. We have big dreams and even bigger plans in the upcoming years. Go Lotus is going to move mountains, and we couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful therapists. Let us help you get to where you are striving to be in your journey!


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