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goLOTUS was created by parents, for parents, to help manage and understand the huge amount of information generated by the team of professionals working to help children with special needs. We realized that better data management leads to better data measurement. And measurement is just a fancy word for tracking progress.

With goLOTUS, you can connect to all of the professionals in your child’s life and see the progress towards your child is making towards their goals. Store your child’s medical history, therapy schedule, and documentation all in one place. Input test and assessment results to see your child’s strengths and weaknesses so you can understand where to focus. Facilitate team collaboration through our messaging system. And, if you choose, let your child’s anonymous data contribute to the betterment of the entire community by empowering research. The power is in your hands.

Together we make data management powerful

goLOTUS is practice management and EMR software designed to work the way you do. Spend more time treating, and less time tracking.

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The power to connect and guide

goLOTUS has big dreams of breaking boundaries in special. needs therapy. We want to collaborate teams, analyze data, better help you understand how your child is doing over time and increase every child reaching their highest potential.

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